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Stevia and stevioside extracts are extremely heat stable and can be used in everyday baking & cooking.
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Stevia Testimonials

Please let us know of your experience using stevia and we may add below to our list of testimonials or just add a Facebook comment.

I am very sensitive to sugar and most artificial sweeteners. Stevia is perfect for sweetening up beverages and sweet foods all for 0 calories and it works so much better than normal sugar/sweeteners anyways!


I have been buying Truvia for over a year now. Mostly I use it in my coffee each morning. I have tried to buy other 'stevia extract' sweetners, but no other brand has as pure and clean a flavor as Truvia !


I have to use sugar substitutes for medical reasons, so when I find a zero-calorie, great tasting one, I am very happy. This one is made from stevia--even better. I use it just like I would sugar, it's granulated instead of powdered, works equally well in hot or cold drinks, and I love it.


I like that it is natural and comes from the stevia plant!


I love taking the Truvia packets with me, and I know they are from Mother Nature because I have grown Stevia plants in my own garden.


I use Truvia in my coffee, tea and also in baking. I find it to be a natural tasting and great alternative to artificial sweeteners since it uses the Stevia leaf. I like it!


Offers low-calorie sweetness without the health risks of other calorie-free sweeteners. The crystallized texture of Truvia is unlike other Stevia products and more closely resembles sugar! It's so good i don't miss sugar at all!


Over and over again I have read how the Stevia plant is the best alternative to sugar. So glad Truvia is being made to make it readily available. It has zero GI, very low carb, and tastes exactly like sugar. My family can't tell the difference.


Truvia is my favorite Stevia brand that I'm able to buy locally. It has great flavor and I love the convenience of the packets. I always keep a couple in my purse. Although I've been excited to see that a lot of coffee shops now carry Truvia as well.


Truvia sweetens naturally without the harmful side effects of other sweeteners and does not leave a bad taste afterwards. These are great to use while on the go also


Watching my sugar is hard. I used to be a die-hard Splenda user, but with the less-than-favorable side effects, I needed a replacement. Stevia has been wonderful and since it all natural, I don't have to be worried about using it.

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