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The glycosides in the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, (including up to 10% Stevioside), account for its incredible sweetness.
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Stevia Testimonials

Please let us know of your experience using stevia and we may add below to our list of testimonials or just add a Facebook comment.

"I have been using Stevia for several years now and I love how healthy it is, and the taste is wonderful."


"I have fibromyalgia and my doctor doesn't want me to have any of the artificial sweeteners. Thanks for providing an all natural sugar substitute that tastes great. I have loved stevia from my first taste!

Samantha Lilley Folse

"I just want you to know I LOVE Stevia. I have been using Splenda for quite awhile, this is SO much better. It is great to use a product that is fantastic and tastes great and ISN’T bad for you! Thank you so much."

Monique Rizzo

"I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your product. I have been avoiding products with aspartame because I have heard it is so bad for you. This has been hard, as I am trying to lose weight and I have 2 young kids. I don't like them to have too much sugar. Thanks for such a great creation!"

Kristi G.

"I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your product. I am so glad to have a healthy alternative to Splenda. Thanks!!!"

Tara A.

"I love your Stevia. I have been using it for a few years. I carry it with me in my purse everywhere. Thanks."


"I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my husband loves the stevia packets. They are so convenient at work or on the go."

Jennifer ODonnell

"I wanted to take must a moment of my time to write to you today and tell you how much my family loves your products. Thank you so much for making great products that enable my family and I to make great memories."

Melissa Hopkins

"Just a quick note to let you folks know that I think Stevia is a wonderful sweetener. I enjoy the fact there isn't an aftertaste and dissolves quickly in my beverages. Thanks for making a product that helps me try to stay on track."

Shirley Griffin

"Just wanted to thank you on making a great convenient product. My Husband has diabetes and we finally found a more natural convenient product to bring along. The taste is delicious and we feel safer, healthier and wiser about the choices we make. We are currently using the Stevia Clear Liquid and plan on trying all your other products in our near future. Thanks again."


"Stevia is a great product....and a much healthier alternative to what else is available. Thank you so much!!!"

Stephanie Salyers

"Thank you for your great products! We appreciate them!"

Mitzi C.

"We LOVE stevia! My husband prefers liquid, I prefer powder! We use Stevia exclusively for a lo-cal sweetener! Can't imagine I ever used anything else. When we switched from Splenda a few years ago my husband got so sick from the withdrawal he missed a day of work! Needless to say we DO NOT eat that anymore! Thank you for getting the word out about Stevia!"

Jennifer M.

"Your product is very good. I have to say, I was a bit attached to my Splenda. I don’t do very good with change, but one day I had no choice, it was either have coffee with stevia or no coffee at all. So I chose the stevia, and was pleasantly surprised. I have a friend who likes everything natural, so she recommended it. She was so excited that I finally tried it."

Evelyn Cooper
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